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Ocean Freight

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The advent of the container fundamentally transformed the ocean freight industry more than 10 years ago. Unfortunately, many in the industry have misinterpreted this standardization for commoditization.

No matter where on Earth your business takes you, we'll make sure your CARGO gets there too. Epl Express Delivery Company offers global air and ocean freight services at all major U.S. and international ports and EUROPE ports

Our international correspondents are carefully qualified ocean freight forwarders and licensed non-vessel operating common carriers so you can trust us to make sure your global ocean freight gets where it's going intact and on time. We also offer customs broker services, as well.

For shipments that require a service level higher than available with scheduled air freight service and/or for shipments that are oversize or sensitive in nature chartering meets those additional requirement. With a global network of charterers, we are able to move shipments of all sizes and levels of urgency to the most remote corners of the globe.

There are strategic trade lanes and industries that require a more balanced mix in their service options. One example of this is our Sea + Air service, which combines these two modes of transport to provide the most efficient balance between cost and transit time for our clients.

Consolidation or LCL Service:

This global service provides one of the most economical options for moving smaller shipments to and from several hundred consolidation centers located on 6 continents.

This global service provides one of the safest and most efficient forms of transport for internationally bound shipments. It is important, however, that the client work closely with the provider to determine the appropriate variable-mix for this service option.

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