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Export And Import

Export And Import

Customs - the most important integral of international shipping & moving.

Importers generally rely on us for arranging Customs trade compliance regulating the imports of their products - Customs Clearance Process for novice.

Most of the exporters/importers are using professionals such as Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders & international shipping service providers because every country's customs has trade compliance regulating the commodities either leaving (export) or coming-in (import).


Scheduled Service

We provide regularly scheduled delivery of time-sensitive packages.

We Think Beyond The Borders

We are an integrated logistics service company with a direct global presence. Our approach is to provide fast and effective solutions.

All exporters & importers are expected to understand and comply with these regulations including the individuals who might just be moving their personal household goods.

Transport Engineering

Through our own engineering department we examine, complement and elaborate the needed technical information.

Route Studies

Elaboration of thorough route studies to determine feasibility of a transport by detecting possible obstacles to the transportation and its removal.

Door To Door Transport

Our range of services covers the transport of cargo from door to door involving all necessary steps and disciplines

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